Sunday, 11 May 2014

I swear to whatever's out there I'm filled with RAGE. I have no one to talk to about this that would just LISTEN to me. I hate this feeling it's getting me much of an EMO.

Understand that I write this with my emotions instead of my head and my mind. I feel stupid. I'm embarassed with myself. I had so much trouble expressing my true feelings to whoever, even myself, but once I do it's just received as a passing wind. It feels like I'm nothing. All a sudden I feel this sudden urge TO RISE to POWER. I feel I should start hustling and that I've slacked off for too long, it's time for me to BUILD my EMPIRE and rise so tall I'll have them at the mercy of my feet.

Love. Love is just an illusion. It's just a chemical reaction that screws with your common sense. Barely could think straight under the influence -yes, influence, like a drug that takes over your consciousness or a virus that corrupts your system, making you unable to work the way you're supposed to be.

But that's enough, that's more than enough. It's time for me to focus on other things. Motivation comes from many things, it's such a shame that mine comes from rage and anger however it is what it is. I've spent too much on you. I've invested too much time, resource, and energy on you, however that goes unseen and if that is so, so be it. I'll rise. I'll rise and I'll rise so high the only way you can see me is by bending your neck back. I promise you that. I promise you all.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

DeBoer Event Management

I can give you guys 5 out of countless reasons why it's more beneficial on your side to use an event management for your events.

1. 2nd opinion from an outside perspective
Sometimes even though you know exactly what the concept is there's always room here and there for perfection of your event.

2. Lower cost of production
Contrary to popular belief, working with an event management most likely will save up on expenses. That is because we know a wide range of vendors and will work out a more-than-decent deal with them.

3. Knowing the perfect where and whens
Event venues and event timing is a crucial thing when it comes to optimizing your events. Backed with a milestone of experience, we're here to help you decide for the maximum impact with minimum budget of your event.

4. Variety of concepts and ideas
No longer should you need to brainstorm endlessly to think up of a variety of concepts of events, we'll be there to give you options and consultancy. At the end of the day, all you need to do is make a choice.

5. Time efficiency on your side
Since we handle the event before and on the day, you will have more time on your hands to focus on other projects requiring your attention and watch as the event goes smoothly.

DeBoer Event Management

Friday, 5 April 2013

10 Trance Songs To Download This Month

I completely have no idea on what to post these days, plus I don't really have the time nor motivation. I'll just post a tracklist of trance music, since I love trance that much, for you guys to look up. If you guys really like the songs, do download it and support the artists to create even more fantastic music.

P.S: The list isn't really a list of the newest trance songs, it's just the ones I've been listening to lately. It may be new, or it may be dating back since 3 years ago. Either way I hope you enjoy :)

1. Suddenly Summer (Original Mix) - Armin van Buuren ft. Ana Criado

This song is sick, the soprano-opera singing at the beginning really gets to you. One of my favorite song of         all time.

2. Suddenly Summer (Norin and Rad remix) - Armin van Buuren ft Ana Criado

Same song, different mix, same level of awesomeness.

3. Show Me The Way (tyDi remix) - Allure ft JES

I have no idea from what period of time this song came from, but it really is catchy. The tempo-beat play is really pumping.

4. Sinai (Original Mix) - Ilan Bluestone

I'm not sure if it's cause of the title but as I listen, I close my eyes and I can imagine myself in a starry desert night.

5. Not This Time (Original Mix) - Beat Service ft Neev Kennedy

You can really feel the emotions, great energy booster for working out, especially to make after break up.

6. Dimensions (Denga and Manus Mix) - Vengeange

This is pretty much a classic, with the heavy static beat tempo and all. Oh, and Denga & Manus and Vengeance are the same people, just saying.

7. So Long Radio - Orjan Nilsen

I'm not much of a fan of Orjan, it's somewhat too mainstream, in my opinion, but this song's really catchy. The bass at the start really wants to make you move.

8. Waiting For The Night - Armin van Buuren ft Flora

This one I'm sure is pretty new, and is pretty much a hit judging from all the remixes. Super catchy, never gets old.

9. Halcyon - Orbital

I'm pretty sure this showed up on ASOT episode 597, really uplifting and is a mood booster.

10. The Anhtkythera Mechanism - BT

I'm not sure if you've heard this one before, from the album This Binary Universe. Unlike #9, this one's really calm and soothing, really nice for thinking or simply relaxing.

That's about all, now sit back and enter yourself in a state of trance...

Friday, 8 March 2013

State of Trance

If anyone were to ask me what I've been to lately, I'd be lying if I said anything else but LSDLysergic acid diethylamide is what it stands for, and what is it? It is a key to a different dimension.

I've tripped a couple of times before, I've wrote down the big picture, but I never really did wrote down the details. For some reason, here I am doing it publicly. I can't help it, it's too fascinating to be kept alone.

My first trip was either a few or several months ago, I can't remember. I recall clearly that I've taken the tab I purchased from a friend as soon as I arrived to my room. It took around half an hour for it to start kicking in. Not long after, a friend called me downstairs. I started to breathe heavily, everything became strangely bright considering it was around 11 PM at that time, and focusing on a conversation was a very hard thing for me to do. My friend seemed to be very confused to see me in that state. Started to regret at that time, until things started to get interesting, that is.

Things started to change rapidly as I walked to my room. My vision started to split as if the objects I saw had an aura of red and green. After a while of walking, I entered my room once again. I took a seat to catch my breath and lit a cig, hoping it would calm me down a bit. I drank a liter of water straight, draining it clear off its bottle. I took a look up as I sat on the floor, resting my back on my bed and saw the white light shining brighter than before. All of a sudden, a snowflake patterned spectrum burst forming a ring around the white lamp. I remembered that was one of the most memorable things that happened to me on that trip.

Everything else escalated quickly. To my left, what was once a plain white wall, turned into a wall with colorful bubbles floating downwards. Behind me, the dirt stains on my walls formed a tree, similar to those in ancient Chinese paintings, except that it's constantly moving. My hearing fluctuates and became very sensitive, so sensitive that I could hear so many different sounds I never heard before. Time started to distort, exactly as they said it would, and they weren't exaggerating when they said five minutes would feel like forever. The rhythmic hum of the blower placed in front of me started to help my mind form a vivid tune, therefore I decided to snap out of the trance for a moment and grab my headphones.

It was pretty hard to balance myself as I reached for the headphones not far from me, it was even more of a struggle to focus and find the song I was looking for. Trance music was my genre of choice, and I was literally brought to a whole new dimension as I listened to Armin's Suddenly Summer, remixed by Norin & Rad. I saw myself seated in the middle of a fuselage, with the end facing me nothing but a bright light, and faced with massive turbulence. The uplifting part, however, gave me the sensation of being lifted up literally to a place filled with clouds and rays of gold.

Five minutes and fifty nine seconds, even though it felt as if it has been half a lifetime, finally ended. I snapped out of the state of trance and returned back to reality. A friend of mine called because I didn't reply her text, every time I tried typing my phone I felt as if I was dragged away elsewhere. Once more, nothing I said made any sense at all, and once it does most of the sentence is covered by my heavy breathing. The only thing she heard clearly from me is when I told her I saw a huge black dragon scaling my walls, appearing out of nowhere, speeding through.

After a couple conversations we stopped and not long after I could feel as if I was pulled to the ground, my body feeling very heavy, as if I was being dragged back to my imaginarium, which ended up in returning to my state of trance. This time, I didn't resist the call, instead I've learned to enjoy and explore it.

At that point, my room was nothing more than a transit station. Trips after trips after trips I've been to, in various places starting from bright green jungles to sapphire blue oceans. After touring my imaginarium, I was exhausted. It feels as if I've just finished sprinting laps. I gained control of myself once again and I decided to meditate. I closed my eyes and so many different questions I've asked to myself, with even more answers that I've acquired.

I was so exhausted when it all ended I didn't even feel the cooldown hangover, I went straight to bed. When I woke up however, flashbacks started to barrage me. So many fascinating things I've saw and felt and have only shared to anyone here and now. My purpose of using the substance in the first place, as a therapy, however has been successful. I have managed to see things from various different angles and remove the invisible cage I have around my mind.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Got Milk?

Dear blog...

Damn that's a lame way to start a post. Been a while since my last post here, lots of interesting stuff happened lately, things like listening to ASOT 600, Watching Mama (Which I'm sure to make a parody out of it as soon as I'm not too paranoid to open my closet and look under my bed, that's big enough to fit an obese hamster), and that I now sell milk.

"Fresh milk sir? Good for your health rich with protein calcium etc etc," is usually the line my friends use to attract customers as they sell the notorious Susu Dewa. What is Susu Dewa exactly? It's a (currently) underground milk brand that specializes in raw, freezing, fresh cow milk. If the word freezing puts an image of an ice cream in your mind, you got the wrong picture, bud...

Susu Dewa's Logo

So what is Susu Dewa exactly? It's actually normal, liquid milk, except Susu Dewa is rich with lactose and the microbes within the milk is preserved and not killed because of heating processes done in pasteurized and UHT cooked milk. Scientific conclusion, Susu Dewa is normal milk with the benefit 10 fold.

Why is it named roughly translating to "God Milk?" Well, sometimes translation screw things up. For the name itself, it derives from the word Div, which means light, which is our objective, to enlighten people about how healthy and essential milk is. It might really sound like a load of crap but hey, it's a pretty catchy name to say.

So far we sell Susu Dewa around Hotel Indonesia every Sunday morning on Car-Free Day, but we're planning to expand and deliver house to house. For those of you that jogs around HI and is looking for a natural input of extra minerals for your system, we're the guys you're looking for.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Ali... Who?

Is exactly what you might be saying when you hear the name Ali G. Yes, Ali G, the brother that spells respect with a k, the gungstuh that represents The West Side Massive, the main man from Jamaica, Ali G!

W, for 'West Staines Massive'
The Ali G Show for those of you who aren't familiar with the name is a television show in the UK. a satire to be exact, on channel 4 that boomed in the region in the early 2000's. Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, the devilishly brilliant comedian, with the role of Ali G as well as Bruno and the more infamous Borat.

If "Jagshemash" is the opening word for every Borat scene, "Booyakasha!" is the one for Ali G. Along with other notable quotes from him such as "My main man" and "Respek!" and my personal favorite, "For real? For real" (read: forreal)

What makes The Ali G Show different from your everyday comedy or sitcom is that... It's not a sitcom. I don't know how to describe it other than pure comedic brilliance, one that can make me watch over and over again for hours and laugh non-stop.

(Fake) Interviews after interviews with real people not noticing they are being on the show with Ali G's style of ingeniously acting dumb equals a laughing spree no other show could match. Not to mention the appearance of Sacha Baron Cohen's alter egos, Borat and Bruno, completing the hilarious combo from this British comedian.

So, for those of you who loves a good and somewhat non-stop laugh and isn't too limited to your old-fashioned codes of right and wrong, prepare to be tickled and type in the name of the show on your Youtube search box, The Ali G Show.